Module ABingoCampingPlugin::Models
In: lib/camping-abingo.rb

Models module for the ABingo Camping Plugin. The module will be plugged in to the main app models module. Example:

      module CampingABingoTest::Models
              include ABingoCampingPlugin::Models

              class User < Base;
                      has_many :client_applications
                      has_many :tokens, :class_name=>"OauthToken",:order=>"authorized_at desc",:include=>[:client_application]

              # ...

This module requires the abingo-plugin gem to be installed as it will load the following models

  - Experiment
  - Alternative


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Classes and Modules

Class ABingoCampingPlugin::Models::Alternative
Class ABingoCampingPlugin::Models::Experiment

Public Class methods

Down-migrates the schema definition for the 2 ABingo models

Loads the 5 standard ABingo models defined in the abingo-plugin gem

Up-migrates the schema definition for the 5 ABingo models